My Career Story 

I got my very first job at the age of 12, working at a program run by the city I grew up in, Allentown, PA. During my teenage years up until college, I've worked at PIC cleaning schools, delivering newspapers, at Subway, Denny's, Boys & Girls Club, Rave Movie Theatre, Macy's, Construction jobs, Dominoes, Walgreens Warehouse, my friend's mom's clothing company, Deka Batteries, Pirimal Anesthesia, and several temp agencies. This was all by the age of about 23, and each time I left on my own accord. As you can see, I have extensive experience working at random jobs that I could care less about. I then attended school at Lincoln Tech to get my "Electrical Engineering Technician" associate's degree. Upon graduation, I was hired at Lutron

Electronics as a Quality Technician. Was getting paid a decent amount, and was promoted within a couple of years, but I had higher aspirations so I started community college while working to get credits towards an Electrical Engineering degree at Penn State. After several years at the community college, I quit my job and transferred to the main campus to finish my studies. I graduated with a Bachelors's in Electrical Engineering and started working at Lockheed Martin.

During my time at Lockheed, I was promoted after my first year, and then promoted again, all within my first 4 years. Engineering wasn't a passion of mine, so my initial plan was to pay off my student loans, save up some money, then pursue something that I really care about. This is where coaching comes in. 

I know how to take risks. What it feels like to hate where you work. How to succeed and move up the ladder working anywhere. More importantly, I know what it feels like to take a leap of faith and follow my dreams. Now it's time for me to help you do the same!