5 Day Self Care Challenge - Oct 2021

How often do you take a second to stop and think about your mental and physical well-being? My guess is probably not too often. It's something we often overlook due to the daily hustle and bustle of our lives. Sometimes small challenges like this can help us put focus on this critical part of our lives. Mental health has been a big focus the past several years and for good reason. A lot more people have been vocal about their struggles and it turns out many are facing similar mental health issues. Self-care is a great way to focus on taking care of your mental health

The Challenge

Day 1 - Take a 15 minute walk to start your morning

This accomplishes several things. First, it gets you out of the house and moving. There's something about taking a walk in the morning that soothes the soul. You get some needed sun exposure and breathe in fresh air. Morning walks also provide a great opportunity to gather your thoughts and prepare for the day, while getting your steps in. Give this a shot on day 1, and if you like it, see if you can make it a daily routine.

Day 2 - Take a bath with soothing candles and music

If you've done this before then you know it requires little explanation. A nice hot bath feels amazing, and if you're feeling fancy, you can throw some bubbles in the mix or one of those bath bombs. This is especially good after a long hard day. Your body will definitely thank you. You can take time in the bath to re-cap your day, figure out ways to better, or just completely clear your mind and relax.

Day 3 - Watch sunrise or sunset

We often overlook the beauty of nature and the effect it can have on us. Taking some dedicated time to see the beauty of a sunrise or sunset can help you connect with nature and just reflect on its beauty and how fortunate we are to be part of it. I recommend doing a google search for a location in your area that can provide a great view to maximize the experience.

Day 4 - Prepare and eat your favorite meal

A lot of people find therapy in cooking. I'm certainly not of them... lol. But I do like the idea of dedicating a day to eat my favorite food. Since cooking is a chore for me, taking the time to plan and make the meal is a way of me taking some time to take care of me. Like, there's a real focus and effort of self-care here, specifically in my case and maybe yours. I like this way of looking at it because it's like I'm working for myself. Plus I get a great meal out of the deal (Hopefully).

Day 5 - Hug 2 people deeply for 5 seconds minimum

Human connection is one of the most beautiful things about humanity. People even say it's part of our design and something we just inherently seek. Even introverts like myself enjoy human connection, even though we love being by ourselves often. Hugs are great ways of achieving human connection with very little effort or commitment. We're not just talking about any kind of hugs here, but deep meaningful hugs. Like really take the time for a warm embrace, and don't let get right away. Don't squeeze the person to death either, just make it meaningful and watch how this makes you and the other person feel.

I'll be doing this challenge and posting a recap on my Instagram page @JDelgado.22. Please take the time to focus on self-care whether it's through challenges like this, or through your own means. We need to strive to make this part of our daily lives. If you do this challenge or have any other means of self-care that you enjoy, please reach out to me I'd love to hear about it!

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